• Cloud based ERP solution with Budgeting, Purchase, Sales Order booking and execution, accounts and logistics Management. Implementation of Financial Budgets, also by expenses. FIFO and LIFO with auto application.
  • Support for multiple billing structures for independent worldwide locations.
  • Seamless integration with Barcode devices.
  • Integration with other ERP systems like SAP and BAAN.
  • Customer Relationship Management module - paperless.
  • Warranty claim Module - paperless.
  • Sales leads management with Daily Visit Report entry and analytical report fild staff.
  • Integrated travel expenses/bills with automatic travel norms application.
  • Sales Promotion acticity planner and biller.
  • Vendor Falilities.
  • Intuitive and informative User Interface design, allows users to use the system with minimal training.
  • Intricate and customizable User Assist system to validate data entry minimizes user mistakes.
  • Prtial/Full featured Payroll Package linked with Accounts.
  • Upload / Download / Update data thru Excel sheets.


Cloud based applications – CRM, ERP, Web-Portals, Business Information Systems, FRS making and Management Consolations.